Playstation Console World of Tanks Clan

September Ranked Battles not so good…

I gave up after a while as the new point system failed to take into account team play and become impossible as you moved on in the leagues. Judging by the response in the forums it was not popular. Points system is good but needs more thought put into it. Getting 10 points for a…

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Ranked Battles Experience

The current ranked battles experience is better than it used to be.But in the first league all the inexperienced players lose the game for you so you will spend most of your time in the first league. My experience with the first league was terrible and i was very demotivated but once you get to…

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Welcome to our new site!

Hi All, I am looking forward to your posts and developing our clan community. Current clan members please go the Members Page and click on the Register link from Sunday onwards. From there you will be able to post.

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