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Grasslands Camo

RECON Search and Destroy E100 Grasslands 2

The reward Grasslands Camouflage was provided to WOT Console Ranked Battles players who reach the final stage (Grandmaster). It looks good and you see the odd tank in multiplayer getting around in the Summer Camouflage pattern after thee vent. It would be ideal if WOT had for future ranked battles seasonal variations for completion of…

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WOT RNG Unbelievable!


This screenshot was taken from a team member who was watching the exchange between the E100 and the WZ-1115A. The E100 had the WZ totally compromised and pinned flat against a wall. The E100 had 500 health and the WZ fired (344 damage) into the ground and destroyed the E100. The E100 was credited with…

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+1/ -1 Matchmaking Returns

At last +1-1 matchmaking returns on September 24th–1st October. Unfortunately it is being run as another event and not a permanent intervention. The success of the last +1-1 event raised expectations of players that a permanent transition to a new MM structure was just around the corner. However, this was not to be as it…

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